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Andrija Milić has been a professional musician since 1981, when he began playing the keyboard in the group “Royal 70” at the age of 16. The group performed at the “Mađarac club” in Radićeva street, and in the hotel “International” (present-day “Westin”). Playing at the Mađarac club enabled him to meet various working musicians of that time period.

In 1985 he went on to join the “Tabasco Band”, wherein he played with the most highly-rated musicians on the music scene: Mario Igrec, Kruno Levačić, Mladen Baraković, Zlatko Bučevićem, Dražen Đerek, Saša Nestorović, Davor Križić, Mladen Grah, Sven Buić and others.

In 1993 he performed on the cruise ship “Dalmacija”, with Zdenko Kovačić and the late Štefan Patkaj.

In 1994 he lived in Ireland for two months, performing in hotels and pubs with the singer Lorraine Callaghan, and with the great Irish jazz violinist Patrick Collins. He also performed live on Radio Dublin with Lorraine Calaghan and guitarist Dražen Đerek.

In 1995 he founded a group called “Rock&Roll control”, which played original material and some covers, and consisted of; Kruno Levačić, Mladen Baraković, Mario Igrec, Miran Glinac and later Dražen Šomek and Andrija Malkoć. The band produced a music video for Andrija’s song “Žena” (“Woman”), and performed another of his compositions, “Smiješak, molim” (“Smile”) at the Radio Festival in Vodice. The song can still be heard on the radio from time to time.

In 1998 he moved with his family to the Netherlands, where he performed as a singer and pianist at the Holland Casino and in hotels and restaurants across the Netherlands. He also began giving private piano lessons.

Apart from being the composer of original lyrics and music for his own solo albums “Error” and “Smile”, Andrija Milić has also tried his hand at composing music for film:

In 2002 he composed music for the short film “Safe House”, directed by Kristijan Milić. Which, coupled with another short in the omnibus “24 hours”, won first prize for best debutant work at the Pula Film Festival.

In 2004 he completed work on “Smile”, his first album with lyrics written entirely in English. The album was recorded in Zagreb, at “Glazba”, a studio owned by producer Vladimir Bednjanac.

In 2007 he worked on “The Living and the Dead”, another film by Kristijan Milić, collaborating with renowned Croatian musician and producer Krešimir Klemenčić as he did on “Safe House”. He received the Golden Arena prize at the Pula Film Festival for his work on the film.

From 2007 to 2009 he continued playing clubs and restaurants in the Netherlands, as a solo performer or backed by various musicians as the “Swinging duet”. He would also perform in Croatia, whenever the opportunity arose and mostly at clubs in Karlovac or Krk, with Ante Šutej on drums and his son Ivan Milić on guitar.

In 2010 he moved to Vienna, where he performed solo and with a local band called “Lo Jam”. He also founded a rythm and blues band called “A3” with which he continues to play with at Viennese and Croatian clubs to this day. The bands other members are Predrag Miljuš (of popular Croatian band “Animatori”) on guitar and Saša Nikolić on drums. The band recently recorded promo material and a music video for Andrija's original composition “Woman”, at the Karlovac music studio Creostar.

In 2014 he returned to Croatia to provide musical backing for Marijan Milić's choir “Čarobna frula” (“The Magic Flute”), with which he participated at the World Choir Olympics in Riga. The choir won two silver and one bronse medal.

That same year he completed work on the music for “Number 55”, the second feature length movie by Kristijan Milić, which went on to win 8 Golden Arena awards at the Pula Film Festival.

In 2015 he created the music for two documentaries: Zvonimir Rumbolt's “Pola stoljeća diska” (“Half a Century of Disco”) and Kristijan Milić's “Bojnik” (“Major”).

His latest project is the upcoming Croatian film “Dead Fish Swim on Their Backs”, which is also to be directed by Kristijan Milić, and is currently in postproduction.


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